SAULT STE. MARIE -- A dentist in Sault Ste. Marie is showing off her talents in a special tribute to her patients.

Dr. Patience Simpson wrote and sang a song about staying safe and healthy during the pandemic, while dentists across the province remain restricted from seeing their patients for all but emergency procedures.

"I posted a video of me playing it online as just a fun way to say thanks for helping out during this tough time," Simpson said. "I wasn't expecting it to go viral at all."

Simpson says she's received tremendous support from the community, with one person going as far as writing a tribute poem in response to her song.

"That was amazing to see," she said. "I didn't think the reaction to this would be so strong!"

Simpson says her goal was to brighten the mood of those in the dental industry, during what she calls a "daunting" time.

"That's the best word to describe it," she added. "There's so much change going on and while we do practise in a very clean and safe environment, you can't really practise physical distancing in dentistry."

According to a recent study from the Ontario Dental Association, there's a serious concern there will be a lack of personal protection equipment when dental offices eventually reopen.

"We only have one n95 mask at our office right now," Simpson said. "Supposedly we're on a list to get more, but it's been a real challenge."

When offices do reopen, Simpson says she predicts workdays will be a little slower, in order to ensure a safe environment.

"It will be a little nice I think to not be quite as busy, but obviously we want to service our community in the best and safest way possible."

The full song Simpson wrote can be found here.