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The Riding of Parry Sound - Muskoka

CTV News declares Conservative Scott Aitchison the winner of the Parry Sound-Muskoka riding. 

Scott Aitchison wins Parry Sound-Muskoka riding


Final 2019 Parry Sound Muskoka election results:

Scott Aitchison received 41.9% of the vote.

65.2% voter turnout.

Final 2019 Parry Sound Muskoka election results


Independent Daniel Predie Jr. received 376 votes.


2019 Election results for Parry Sound - Muskoka as of 10:54 p.m. October 21, 2019:

2019 Election results for Parry Sound - Muskoka


The Parry Sound - Muskoka riding covers 14,402 square kilometres between various cottage towns around Parry Sound and Muskoka.

Population - 94,398

Electors - 82,930

Elected in 2015, incumbent Tony Clement retired after leaving CON caucus.

There are 232 polling stations in the riding.

Polls close at 9:30 p.m.

CTV News will have results and reaction here as soon as possible. Stay tuned!


The Candidates:

Parry Sound Board

Results from 2015 federal election:

51,279 valid ballots were cast out of 82,786 electors, for a 62% voter turnout.

Official Voting Results - 2015 General Election

Parry Sound 2015 Results

(Source: Elections Canada)


Incumbent: Tony Clement (IND)

Tony Peter Clement is the outgoing Member of Parliament for Parry Sound—Muskoka in Ontario and is not seeking re-election. 

Clement was elected in 2006 under the Conservative Party of Canada, but was asked to resign from leader Andrew Schee's caucus November 2018 after a scandal involving him sending of sexually explicit images and video to what he thought was a consenting female, he maintains they turned out to be an extortionist. He continued to serve as his riding's representative as an Independent.

The only bill that he sponsored in the most recent parliamentary session, C-371 Prevention of Radicalization through Foreign Funding Act, was defeated at its second reading.

Parry Sound Muskoka Riding Map

Why should people vote for you and your party?

Parry Sound Muskoka candidate Scott Aitchison

Parry Sound Muskoka candidate Trisha Cowie

Parry Sound Muskoka candidate Gord Miller

Parry Sound Muskoka candidate Daniel Predie Jr.

Parry Sound Muskoka candidate Tom Young

Scott Aitchison (CON): I hope for some of the same reasons that I was elected a District Councillor for Huntsville at the age of 21, and have been twice elected as Mayor.   When I became Mayor, I promised the people of Huntsville to work hard for them every day.  I have done that and I want to take that same enthusiasm for service to Ottawa to represent all the residents of Parry Sound-Muskoka in the same way.

Trisha Cowie (LIB): As a lawyer, I have built my career on advocating for the people living in Parry Sound-Muskoka. Our community deserves an experienced advocate in Ottawa to ensure the rural perspective is incorporated into federal policy and that our needs are being met. I am also a collaborator. I hear from too many people that they are disenchanted with politics because of the inability of politicians to put aside their partisan differences and work together. My goal is to regain the trust of those Canadians and prove that there are still people who understand what it means to be a public servant.

Gord Miller (GREEN): This election is dominated by the climate emergency, and I have what it takes to get into parliament and deal with the situation…I was an officer of parliament for 15 years. I've been on top of and governed to oversee decisions on climate change within the government. I have the experience, and you need people with experience to go to Ottawa and get things fixed. 

Daniel Predie Jr (IND): Canada can only be maintained as a business as long as those elected have no corporate interests, which for far too long has not been the case, and in understanding this, please remember I am also a voter, we then know that our environmental, fiscal, etc., interests can only be maintained through proper independent representation at our Federal Level of Parliament. 


Tom Young (NDP): People should vote for me because I believe I'm the only candidate in this running who actually knows this riding. I've been here 55 years. I live paycheque to paycheque like the majority of people in this riding, and I truly care about the people in this riding.