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World Suicide Prevention Day marked in Sudbury


Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and a group of community members, survivors of suicide loss, front line professionals and educators known as The Suicide Safer Network in Sudbury came together to raise awareness in hopes of destigmatizing suicide. From painting rocks with messages of hope, to hearing from a series of speakers with lived experience, the theme for this year's World Suicide Prevention Day event was Hope through action.

“It takes all of us to prevent suicide so some of the things we can do is reach in and ask questions when you see someone struggling." Mark Fraser, Director of Clinical and Client Services at Compass said.

"The other piece that we can do is increase understanding, raising awareness means destigmatizing suicide and talking about suicide. The other piece is sharing experiences.”

Devin Shyminsky lost his wife 10 years ago, and says not only is there stigma surrounding those who die, but also for those who are left behind.

“Days like today are really important because I can feel safe and comfortable saying her name, so often just saying Joanna is met with like people recoiling physically because they’re uncomfortable cuz they know how she died so today I can share that we were together for 8 years that I was married to her and that she died by suicide and that I still think about her everyday.”

According to statistics 11 people die by suicide in Canada each day. For every death at least 7 to 10 survivors are significantly affected by the loss.

“We know that in the north we are almost double the provincial rates and there’s many reasons for that. rurality is one factor, needs and gaps in services, long wait lists those are all things that contribute to suicide and suicide rates,” Fraser said.

Fraser adds despite additional funding and raised awareness, there is always more that can be done. However, he wants everyone to know there are resources and supports available for those that need them.

If you need support call the Canada Suicide Prevention Service at 1 (833) 456-4566 or text 45645 or Connex Ontario at 1 (866) 531-2600. Top Stories

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