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Sudbury wildlife centre helping lynx with two broken legs


An animal rescue group in Greater Sudbury has its hands full with a wild cat that found itself caught in serious trouble with two broken legs.

The male lynx was in pretty bad shape just a few weeks ago and was brought into the Turtle Pond Wildlife Centre by a member of the public.

Injured lynx sedated at Sudbury wildlife centre after arriving with two broken hind legs. (Turtle Pond Rescue Centre)

The owner and operator of the sanctuary said it suffered a spiral fracture, which is consistent with blunt force trauma.

"We sedated him and did X-rays and it was determined that he had a pretty severe fracture in his forelimb in the back, so both bones in those forelimbs were actually shattered," said founder Gloria Morissette.

Now that it’s spring and animals are coming out of hibernation, she said the public needs to remain vigilant when it comes to wildlife encounters.

"It’s nice to see them as long as they're not in any trouble or interacting in a bad way," said Morissette.

"I think we should just sort of enjoy them."

Whenever you’re around wild animals, even if they’re injured, you should always contact authorities to help manage the situation rather than putting yourself at risk, she said.

"Each scenario is pretty unique. We don’t want people getting hurt," Morissette said.

"Especially when animals are hurt, they might lash out and again we don’t want anybody getting bit or scratched. So it’s best to call first and get advice and we can go from there."

Turtle Pond Wildlife Centre has been in operation since 2005, but this is the first time an injured lynx has found its way into their care. Top Stories

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