Earlier this week, we told you about 11 newborn puppies being abandoned by a dumpster in North Bay.

Now, a Sudbury man says his 11 puppies have been stolen from his west end home.

It's been a sleepless few hours for Matthew Wyness. He returned home Wednesday night to find the new puppies gone.

"Oh the moms are devastated. They've been up all night crying and whining up and down the stairs. We were up all night. They're devastated," said Wyness.

Hebelieves someone or some group, who knew the puppies were there, managed to get inside through the window of his home in Greater Sudbury's Gatchell neighbourhood and take them.

Wyness says it's a big blow to the kids.

"Like sad, like nervous for the moms and stuff. Like who would do this to two-week-old puppies? They're puppies. Who would do that?" said Ethan, Matthew's son.

"They were up for sale. Up for sale with the shots, dewormed, vet-checked everything. Good to go for loving caring homes," said Wyness.

The dog owner says Rosie, one of the moms, has had a tough time coming to grips with the loss of her five pups.

Lovingly dubbed blue-nosed bullies, they're hoping the dogs will be returned.

The original Facebook post has already been shared over 2,300 times.

"Especially the two under two-weeks-old because they need to be fed every hour on the hour and if they don't have their mother's milk, then they're going to have to get goat's milk from the local pet-supplier," said Wyness.

"They're cute. They're funny, beautiful, nice to me and my sister. They weren't harmful or anything," said Ethan.

Police say they are still continuing to canvas the area and they are talking with neighbours.

Anyone with information or video surveillance equipment in the neighbourhood is being asked to call investigators.