A First Nation medicinal marijuana dispensary which opened in September is drawing the ire of the federal government.

Located on the Wahnapitae First Nation, just North of Sudbury, it’s the first shop to sell a wide range of cannabis products to both medical and recreational customers with the proper paper work.

Despite the promise of marijuana legalization, the federal government says dispensaries like this one are illegal, but it's owner disagrees.

“Canada has signed into three United Nations agreements that gives the indigenous people the right to grow, barter, trade and sell any medicine they see fit”, said Chadwick McGregor of First Nation Medicinal.

McGregor may have an argument that UN treaties permit the operation of his business, but the band council has to approve it, and that hasn’t happened, said band chief Ted Roque.

McGregor claims he sent a request to open his business a year ago, but Roque says more information was needed by the band council before a decision could be made.

“I would like to see McGregor shut down his business immediately and go through the process that we have in place “, said Roque.

McGregor now faces pressure from the federal government, the province and his own community the province plans to use LCBO outlets as the sole retailer of cannabis once it becomes legal next July.

Meanwhile, McGregor plans to remain open with the belief he’s protected by the UN.