Police say they have located 25-year-old Taylor Lebrun and her well-being has been confrmed.

They are still looking into the whereabouts of Mallita Lockery.


Timmins police say 37-year-old Melanie Belair, who had been reported as missing, has been located and they've confirmed her well-being.

They are still looking for Lebrun and Lockery.


The Timmins Police Service is looking to the public for help in learning the whereabouts of three women who were reported missing over the weekend.

Three adult, Caucasian women were reported as missing to Timmins police on Saturday.

They are: 

  • 49-year-old Mallita Lockery
  • 37-year-old Melanie Belair
  • 25-year-old Taylor Lebrun

Police officials say this is a rare situation.

"This is certainly a set of unusual circumstances where we have three persons reported missing over one weekend.  The three people that we're looking for are females, Caucasian and from the area or have links to the Timmins area. So, any assistance any member of the public can offer will be put to good use by our investigators with the criminal investigation division." said Marc Depatie, of Timmins Police Service.

Even though police say these women are adults and are free to do as they please, police want to make sure they are safe.

Local women's groups, such as Centre Passerelles Pour Femmes, are also concerned.

"For us, it doesn't matter what services the women were implicated with, what their residence was, where they were living. For us, those are details. The important picture here, that we need to keep in mind, is the fact that women are going missing from our community." said Julie Bechard of Centre Passerelles Pour Femmes.

"They haven't touched base with family members or other persons who have concern for their welfare." said Depatie.

Police say the missing person files on these women will remain open until they determine where they are.