A four-month investigation into allegations of workplace harassment against two Sudbury city councillors has wrapped up.

The results have left one councillor's political future in doubt.

For one Sudbury city councillor, a sigh of relief, after being cleared of workplace harassment, but his co-accused has been found guilty.

In addition to being found guilty of harassing the city's former fire chief, Gerry Montpellier says he won't even be allowed to see the investigator's final report.

"To be quite honest with you, how ridiculous? I mean, if you're j-walking in Sudbury, you're going to get a ticket. You get to appear in court and someone will explain it to you." said Councillor Montpellier.

Although he himself has been exonerated, Michael Vagnini says he's not walking away from his colleague.

"I will stand behind him and back him all the way through. This isn't over." said Vagnini.

Montpellier's fate is now uncertain. Unlike city staff, it's unclear whether a sitting councillor can be fired for workplace harassment, but Montpellier says he still plans to seek re-election in October.

"I fought to save the beloved, cost-effective, part-time firefighters." said Montpellier.

For now, it's not Montpellier’s constituents, but rather his colleagues on council who will decide his future.