SUDBURY -- Service Canada is out with its list of the most popular baby names of the year.

Among the names, 'Olivia' has been listed as the most popular girl name for the past nine years in a row, however, it seems that parents in Sudbury are not following suit.

"For girl names, we're seeing Amelia, were seeing Everly, but we're not seeing in the last few years as I go through our baby name board, we're seeing some interesting names but Olivia isn't making it in there. 2019 we have a complete absence and then you see it appear once in 2018," said Buffy Fulton-Breathat, Sudbury Community Midwives.

The next most popular girl names were Emma, Charlotte, Amelia and Ava.

For boy names, the most popular one is 'Liam' but again, that name isn't being seen too frequently in this city.

"It's there occasionally, but Sudburians are being more creative… they are going with Scottish names though. We're seeing Cameron, were seeing Loeck, we're seeing other names of the same sort of regional origin but we're not seeing Liam as commonly," explained Fulton-Breathat.

Following the name Liam is Noah, Lucas, Willian and Benjamin.

Andree-Michelle D'Aoust-Messier is a soon-to-be mother and says she hasn't picked out a name just yet.

"We have certain criteria that we're trying to meet like having a name that's both pronounceable in French and English, but we're probably going to be doing something more unique… right now it looks like popular names are pretty unique, so we might be choosing something that would be considered popular," said D'Aoust-Messier.

Those who work at Sudbury Community Midwives say it seems like people who register with them make a point of scratching names off their list if it has already been registered.

"Parents will actually come in and look at our baby name board which we maintain on our wall as well and say, 'oh… we were going to use that name, but now we won't." People don’t want to duplicate names, they don’t want to be the kid or have the child in the class that there are five children of the same name," said Fulton-Breathat.

Statistics show from January 2010 to December 2018, the name 'Olivia' has been registered more than 8,000 times, and officials say it could be the baby name of the decade.