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Northerners weigh in on getting fourth COVID-19 shot


As of Thursday, those aged 18-59 can get their fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Wednesday's announcement comes as Ontario is in its seventh wave of the pandemic. That's leading some people to say it's time for another shot.

"I'm all for it. It's my health, I gotta' keep it. I've been getting the flu shot for 30 years, and I've never had the flu. I really don't want this that's going around," said one man.

"I think everyone should get another one, and maybe even another one after that, every six months you should get a booster shot," said another person.

Some people said they are interested in a fourth dose, but want to wait until the fall. That's when, according to the provincial government, a more Omicron-specific vaccine will become available.

"I'll probably get it in October. I usually get a flu shot in October so let's get this other booster in the fall, and if I have to every fall, I have no issue with it at all," said one woman.

"I have number three now, and I'll likely wait until September for number four … because I'm indoors more in the winter," said another man. Top Stories

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