Across the north... pothole season returns in a big way …  in Sudbury... a local singer/songwriter has incorporated the city's pothole problem into her new video.

It's a song about living in Sudbury.

“ In January I actually had the winter blues, I thought I should write a song that is humorous, so I ended up writing a song called Northern Gurl, which is a numerous love song about our hometown of Sudbury, “ said Jopo.

Jopo includes the recurring problem of potholes in the city.

“ Everyone is a little upset about the potholes, there are very many of them, and to take that shot that we did with the potholes, we had many to choose from, “ said Jopo.

City officials say crews are out daily patching our roadways but they admit it's a temporary fix right now.

“Depending on the time in the winter our roads are frozen,  our hot mix asphalt plants are closed down so we use cold mix product , and in the springtime, we have the spring melt  and the snowbanks are melting and we have water in our roadways and we experience the freeze thaw cycles, “ said Miranda Edwards Roads Operations coordinator with the city of Greater Sudbury.

Jopo has some advice as the city tries to keep up.

“ It is what it is and our roads are always gonna be way they are gonna be so we are just going to have to learn to swerve that's all, “ said Jopo.

The city says council recently approved a new 2.5 million dollar project to replace large sections of asphalt this summer in pot hole prone areas.