An initiative started by an Anishinabek police officer to raise awareness about mental health among young people is picking up steam across Canada.

It's called 'Hope in the Darkness'. 

Sergeant Kevin Red Sky walked from North Bay to Sturgeon Falls on Sunday.

He says the issues of enhancing mental health care strategies and improving relationships with police go hand-in-hand.

"Being a police officer for 15 years, I see the struggles daily with the youth. We're constantly at the hospital with them and I just think the current systems in place are just not working. So, again we want to create that awareness, work with front-line people to get the answers of what's working and what's not working." said Red Sky.

Summer Fisher is the Youth Chief for Nipissing First Nation.

"Mental health is a really big thing in our community and it's always good for the kids to know that they are worth something, and that they have so many people around them, and so many people supporting them in this world, like Kevin." said Fisher.

Red Sky started his journey in the Maritimes in May of this year and is planning to meet other police officers on his trek.