A terrifying moment for hunter Richard Wesley as he got 'slapped around' by a black bear.

His go-pro camera was recording when the bear charged him in the bush, south of Hearst.

Wesley was bow hunting in the Fire River area when he noticed a black bear running toward him.

"It happened so quick, I remember I had one arrow in my hand because I could not draw and I didn't want to because you're going to wound them or hurt them; it may have aggravated him more. All I could think of was jabbing him with my broad headed arrow in the face." said Wesley

Moments later when Wesley tried to scare the bear off, it charged at him at full speed.

"When I spotted the bear he was coming up on the opposite side of the road and he was coming down wind, which is strange because animals usually travel up wind. So I hunkered down on the side of the road where he actually ran at me and when he came over the hill he was on my side which caught me off by surprise, and the go-pro doesn't really give you exact feel of distance."

The bear knocked Wesley to the ground, and his camera fell to the ground. Wesley was able to get up a few seconds later, and walked away with a few scratches.

"I'm very happy to be alive. I gave my wife the biggest hug ever."

Wesley's experience is going viral. His video is trending online and he says it's certainly something he'll never forget. He also says he has no wounds; just a bruised ego.