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Contest now closed for The Simon and Garfunkel Story tour

coming to Sault Ste. Marie March 14th

The Simon and Garfunkel Show

Congratulations to: Simon Dubosq, Kimberley Irvine, and Suzanne Aubin.

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We Will Rock You Tickets- Round 4:

Bryce Pajunen

We Will Rock You Tickets- Round 3:

Nicholas Dolbeck

We Will Rock You Tickets- Round 2:

Monique Barbeau

Sudbury Lego Camp Contest:

Mark Bondy and Tricia Lafontaine

We Will Rock You Tickets- Round 1:

Ted Joiner

Opera Gala - Opera for a Cause Ticket Contest:

Darrell Hillier and Mshkikwaabmemingoohnskwe Panamick

Sudbury Movie Festival Ticket Contest:

@kristal_alston and @michael.margarit

Elliot Lake Drag Race VIP Ticket Contest:

Vanessa Von Scheunemann 

CTV Northern Ontario's Let's Go Fishing Contest:

Suzanne Didiano, Bobbie Jo Lumme, Melanie Piette, and Caroline Jensen Noel

Joey Niceforo in Concert Ticket Contest:

Tanya Salewski-Black

2019 Rock of Ages Sault Ste. Marie ticket contest:

Tina Young Tolsma and Rob Watson