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Dinosaur Discoveries being made at Science North


Something gigantic has arrived at Sudbury's Science North.

It's moving day inside the beloved tourism hot spot as they get set to unveil the newest exhibit 'Dinosaur Discoveries.'

"So you are right now in the midst of unpacking our brand new exhibit Dinosaur Discoveries, which is going to be both at Science North and Dynamic Earth," said Science North senior staff scientist Amy Henson.

It's a close encounter of the cretaceous kind and when she said unpack, she's not kidding -- some of these life-sized replicas weigh tonnes.

The exhibit goes for realistic, they're to scale, from the sharpness of the teeth to the tiny hands. They want to allow visitors to become the paleontologist.

"This isn't the same one from 30 years ago, this is an amazing exhibit that has been brought to us by Dinosaurios Mexico and it's a company based out of Mexico City that builds amazing animatronic dinosaurs that looks just like what we think a scientist believes that dinosaurs would have looked like," said Henson.

And there will be some surprises, including fossil digs and a chance to ride a triceratops.

No bones about it, with the movement and the sounds, they say this will be a passport into our planet's past.

"We love to bring in new and exciting experiences like this travelling exhibit so people can discover something new, we always like to change, we always like to mix it up and every time you come there's something new and this season it's going to be all about dinos," she added.

Dinosaur Discoveries will be open to the public Feb. 18 and will run until Labour Day.

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