American Author Sarah Miller spent August 27 promoting her new book The Miracle & Tragedy of the Dionne Quintuplets in Callander, about 15 minutes south of North Bay.

Miller’s book tells the story of 5 sisters born just outside of North Bay, who were pushed into international spotlight because no one thought giving birth to 5 babies at once was possible.

“Guess what happens when you type ‘Quint Dolls’ on eBay? You get the Dionne’s. I saw a whole bunch of Dionne stuff. I ordered 3 Dionne books, read them over the weekend, and ka-boom. I was hooked,” said Miller.

Miller said her book tries to recapture the life and times of the family. Elzire Dionne, mother of the quintuplets, was someone she really wants readers to learn more about.

“Mrs. Dionne’s voice tends to be lost. She’s portrayed as a passive person weeping for her girls. But she also had a very active voice,” explained Miller.

Miller promoted her newly available book at the Callander Bay Heritage Museum, where a massive collection of Dionne quintuplet’s artifacts are on display.

The books release date, August 27, is perfectly timed on the day the Dionne’s Father was born.

Miller has already visited the gravesites of the deceased sisters, and plans to visit their birth home before heading back to her home state of Michigan.


The Miracle & Tragedy of The Dionne Quintuplets is available for purchase at the museum or online.