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North Bay

Northeastern Ontario town receives $425K broadband upgrade

As part of the province's newest investment to bring faster and more reliable internet to the north, Ontario announced another $10.9 million in funding on Wednesday morning. The latest round of money is earmarked for several towns and First Nation communities, including around $425,000 for the Township of Chisholm, south of North Bay.

Sault Ste. Marie


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Pfizer Canada is pitching the federal government to bring in new tax breaks and change related corporate tax policies, suggesting the feds need to do more to incentivize pharmaceutical companies to invest domestically in a post-pandemic world.

How the Biden and Harris team stacks up on diversity

The cabinet of the Biden administration could be one of the most diverse in American history but it remains to be seen if the U.S. president will deliver on his promise that his nominees will advocate for the vast interests of the country.



  • Bell Fibe: 1230
  • Bell Satellite:  588, 1507HD
  • Cogeco : 9
  • Eastlink (Sturgeon Falls):  5
  • Eastlink (South of North Bay to Novar):  6
  • Shaw Satellite: 643

  • Antenna: 2
  • Bell Fibe:    231, 1231HD
  • Bell ExpressVu: 590, 1508HD
  • Shaw Cable: 11
  • Shaw Satellite: 641
  • Antenna: 5
  • Bell Fibe:  402, 1201HD
  • Bell Satellite:  61, 221, 1506HD
  • Eastlink:  4, 603HD
  • Shaw Direct:  356(classic), 050(advanced)
  • Vianet:  127SC
  • Bell Fibe:  6, 402HD
  • Bell Satellite:  589, 1509HD
  • Eastlink:  4, 603HD
  • Shaw Direct: 642