New relationships between teenagers and golden agers have been formed through a high school assignment.

It's called the Inter-generational Memoirs Project and it involves taking down stories, collecting memories, photos and letters and creating a special album for seniors at Red Oak Retirement Centre in Sudbury.

"Where they were born, grew up, when did they get married, when did they get a career," explained Debbie Gaudet Red Oak Retirement Centre.

"It is probably the most meaningful and authentic way I can have my students speak and write in French," added Camille Dupuis, Lo Ellen Park Secondary School teacher.

22 French immersion grade 11 students from Lo Ellen Park Secondary are part of the project; helping to write the life story of 12 residents at Red Oak.

Josh Tillson and Evan MacLean spent many hours learning about a local married couple of close to 60 years; the Mayers

The students call it emotionally rewarding, and said they got to learn about eras and lifestyles unfamiliar to them. 

"This is by far the most unique project, I've been able to learn a lot. This one is going to stay with me for the rest of my life," said MacLean.

"Not only are we learning about their lives and we are helping them work on their memoires and it's beneficial for both of us," Tillson added.

For 84-year-old Claude Mayer, it is quite special.

During his retirement years, he worked on genealogy projects on his and other families in the Noellville area; where he grew up.

"I feel that what is written lasts longer than what comes in the memory," said Mayer.

The Mayers appreciate the work and can't wait for their children to read the book, rich in family history.