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Timmins restaurant robbed 19 times in eight years


The owner of Radical Gardens in Timmins said a robbery suspect with a sweet tooth, cleaned out her pastry counter and more.

Brianna Humphrey figured the business suffered tens of thousands of dollars in theft and damages after an overnight robbery, Friday. She got the call from a security system around 2:30 a.m.

“I wish I could go into details cause it’s funky ... like just a weird one," she said.

"The weirdness is a lot of people assume that when you get robbed they come through a window or a door. That is not always the case. Much like water, a thief will find a way.”

Despite a variety of security measures Humphrey has in place at her business, such as high resolution surveillance cameras and alarm systems, Humphrey said this time – the nineteenth time – the thief seemed to have more experience than others who've targeted her property.

She said it's not helpful or kind to 'victim blame' a business or home owner when they get robbed. She said restaurants can't have guard dogs inside and if a dog were to bite a suspect, she would face being charged. She said she's for change to the current bail system.

“Our justice system is failing all of us regardless of whether or not you own a house; regardless of where you live you've probably been robbed and that person is either not remanded into custody or the cops tried to do something and our justice system let them go.”

Officials with the Timmins Police Service confirmed that a man broke into Radical Gardens, tripped an alarm; and took off with food items, cash boxes and electronics.

“Within the Association of Chiefs of Police – I can’t speak for them – but I am aware there’s movement towards bail reform and making the courts perhaps more perhaps accountable or at least aware of the concerns of the victim," said Marc Depatie, communications coordinator for the Timmins Police Service.

Humphrey said, a person who robbed her business three times a couple of years back is now in jail. She said it took him robbing six more businesses before that happened and he was only recently convicted and sentenced.

The restaurant will remain closed until Tuesday, however customers can pre-order for after the reopening on their website. Top Stories

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