TIMMINS -- Social media can be a powerful tool, but when it is used inappropriately, business' reputations can suffer.

To help business owners navigate various social platforms, the Timmins Chamber of Commerce hosted a discussion on how to go about developing a formal social media policy.

The chamber's Chief Administrative Officer, Keitha Robson, explained why it's important to have one and what it should include.

"A social media policy needs to talk about how the organization will behave on the (social media) channels. It needs to talk about how employees will behave on behalf of the organization, and it also needs to talk about how to monitor your brand and represent your brand best way possible," she explained.

Robson says one of the biggest complaints she hears from business owners is they don't have time to upload content to social media platforms.  

She suggests incorporating a social media plan within a business's marketing strategy.  

"And, there's no need to overdo it. Just find out where your customers are and be there," said Robson.

More to come on this story on-air and here online.