Unfortunately, after being rescued it was discovered that the moose was too badly injured to survive.

However, it was discovered that the female moose was pregnant and would have given birth in a week or so.

Veterinarians were able to deliver two calves, one boy and one girl, by caesarean section. 

They are both expected to survive.

Staff will have to bottle-feed the calves for now, but there is also another female adult moose at the wildlife centre that will be slowly introduced to the babies.


East of Rousseau, a moose was found in a ditch early Wednesday morning lying in water about 50 feet from the road after being struck by a vehicle around 5 am.

A rescue took place on Muskoka Road 3, three kilometres east on 141, Wednesday afternoon after coordinating efforts to ensure the animal’s safety.

OPP closed the road while the rescue was in process.

Fowler Construction brought in equipment to try to lift it out. Since a crane was not possible, crews are used an excavator and ropes.

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary tranquilized the animal and brought in a veterinarian to assist with treating the animal once removed.

The water made the resuce dangerous and tricky.

Howard Smith from the wildlife sanctuary went out in a boat to hold the moose’s head above water after it was knocked out.

The moose is out and alive.

After lifting her out of the water, she was put into the back of a pickup truck to be transferred for treatment.

She will remain tranquilized to determine the severity of the injuries and treatment plan.