SUDBURY -- The latest gesture of appreciation for essential workers is coming from a Sudbury-based printing company.

Journal Printing, which has remained active throughout the pandemic, has produced a new Sudbury-focused colouring book featuring essential workers from different industries.

"What we have been looking at is trying to figure out how we can contribute during these crazy times," said Cosimo Micelotta, owner and general manager of Journal Printing.

"So, we thought well we're printers, so why don't we print a colouring book?"

Micelotta thought that with students still out of school, the project would be a good way to both keep kids busy, while also thanking all workers deemed essential; ranging from hospital staff at Health Sciences North to grocery store employees.

"We know that the kids need something to do and then we incorporated, 'okay so what should this be about' and we just thought why don't we make it as a thank you for the essential service providers? Kind of hit two areas that are pretty important," said Micelotta.

The company will produce 5,000 books and has partnered with owners of Your Independent Grocers throughout the Greater Sudbury area for distribution.

"I think the initiative is great for kids," said Brent Battistelli, owner of Battistelli's Your Independent Grocer in the Greater Sudbury community of Lively.

"We like to involve ourselves with anything we do for children and especially our community and I think recognizing essential workers during this crazy time we're going through is something I support wholeheartedly."

The colouring books will be available free-of-charge starting Monday, May 11.