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Sudbury murder suspect talked about his role in ‘his girl’ getting hurt, witness testifies

Three people died in the April 11, 2021, arson: Jasmine Marie-Claire Somers, left, Jamie-Lynn Lori-Lee Rose and Guy Armand Henri. (File) Three people died in the April 11, 2021, arson: Jasmine Marie-Claire Somers, left, Jamie-Lynn Lori-Lee Rose and Guy Armand Henri. (File)

A former girlfriend of a murder suspect in Sudbury testified Wednesday that he talked about his role in the deaths a day after a firebombing that killed three people.

Kayla Walsh testified that Liam Stinson attended a birthday event for their daughter – a party held a day after the murders.

Stinson is on trial for three counts of first-degree murder in connection to an April 2021 firebombing in Sudbury.

Jamie-Lynn Rose, Jasmine Somers and Guy Henri died following a fire at a townhouse on Bruce Avenue on April 11, 2021. One other person, David Cheff, was injured.

Crown prosecutors had previously said they plan to prove that Stinson used drugs and money to get others to firebomb the Bruce Avenue home belonging to Cheff, who had been helping Stinson’s estranged girlfriend, Jamie-Lynn Rose.

Earlier in the trial, two witnesses admitted they started the fire using Molotov cocktails fashioned from Gatorade bottles. They said Stinson promised to pay them with fentanyl if they started a fire at Cheff’s place.

Testifying on Wednesday, Walsh said Stinson seemed different when she saw him at the birthday party on April 12, 2021.

“He looked different and seemed very edgy in a sense,” she said.

“A little unaware, I don't know just off. Like his mind is focused on anything but his surrounding. (It) didn't seem like his head was on Earth.”

Walsh said she and Jamie-Lynn had become friends when they both attended a training program, but the friendship tailed off when Jamie-Lynn got involved with Stinson.

“(I) didn't have a relationship with Jamie after (we) stopped speaking due to her and Liam hanging out a lot,” she said.

But at the April 12 birthday, Walsh said Stinson talked about telling two “idiots” to go do something and “now I may have gotten my girl hurt.”

“He sent some people to go there and do something and that his girl got hurt,” she testified, adding she didn’t know the names of anyone involved or where they were sent.

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Stinson said he had to call the hospital to check on her, Walsh said.

She also remembered the word “cocktails" being used, that the people who started the fire were paid fentanyl to do it and that Stinson said he had smashed his cellphone to try and get rid of evidence of his involvement.

“I eventually learned who was in the fire,” Walsh said.

She had to call her sister when she found out, Walsh said, because she was so upset that her friend had been killed and Stinson had something to do with it. Top Stories

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