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Sudbury health unit getting some backup

Public Health Sudbury & Districts has hired a new associate medical officer of health.

The new associate is Dr. Imran Adrian Khan.

Imran Adrian Khan has been hired at Public Health Sudbury & Districts as the new associate medical officer of health. (Supplied)

This new hire is expected to lighten the workload -- and the overtime payout -- for the chief medical officer, Dr. Penny Sutcliffe.

Sutcliffe made nearly half a million dollars in overtime during the height of the pandemic.

Sudbury Medical Officer of Health Dr. Penny Sutcliffe. Mar. 16/20 (Ian Campbell/CTV Northern Ontario)

Staff at Public Health Sudbury & Districts put in more than 61,559 hours of overtime in a single year as it worked to carry out the region's COVID-19 pandemic response.

Among the province's top earners was Dr. Penny Sutcliffe, who earned $800,000 in 2021. The amount includes overtime for two years: $219,000 for 2020 and $263,000 for 2021.

Khan holds a master's degree in public health from the University of Waterloo and will be finishing his training at NOSM University in Sudbury. Khan will take up his new post in mid-October. Top Stories


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