'The Dispossession of Dylan Knox' is the latest offering by Sudbury author Scott Overton.

“Dispossession is a play on words," said Overton, a former radio personality turned author.

"Possession, when we think of someone who might be possessed by evil spirits or whatever it might be, and dispossession when someone is just bumped right out of where they belong.”

He said the story is about a woman who reconnects with her old high school flame, Dylan Knox.

“Brooke is her name and she works for the secretary-general of the United Nations. However, Dylan doesn’t remember her,” said Overton.

“She wonders if Dylan is looking to harm the secretary-general or maybe he’s a saboteur.”

Overton said as Brooke spends more time with Dylan, she realizes there are different personalities to him, leaving the main character conflicted.

“The theme of the book is, who do we fall in love with?" he said. "The person we see or, the person inside?”

Overton is doing a virtual release on his Facebook page Friday evening because of provincial gathering restrictions.

Mark Leslie Lefebvre, a former Sudbury resident, is going to host Overton during the book launch.