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This is why some northern Ont. Skip The Dishes drivers staged one-day strike

CTV News has learned several Skip The Dishes drivers in Sudbury staged a one-day strike Friday.

Almost 300 drivers for the food delivery service in the city took action to get the company's attention. The drivers are not unionized.

"We always send emails to Skip The Dishes but they are not replying and supporting us," said Naresh a driver for the food delivery company.

"So our main concern is to only strike for Friday today but if our problem is not solved, then we will see, then you will see more strikes in future, too."

They said Skip The Dishes is not fairly compensating them for gas and travelling outside of an agreed upon zone.

"The biggest beef is the distance we are sent out -- we are not getting enough payment to cover such distance," said Kenny, another driver.

"Second issue is the cost of gas right now, the cost of maintaining vehicles is so high."

Another driver said tips are not being fairly distributed.

"We are not getting enough from tips. Sometimes customers pay like $10 as tip, but we are just getting like $3 out of it," said Pritik Rana, another driver taking part in the strike.

"And we are not getting paid enough, and after $3, how much are you getting paid? Like $7 to go 14 kilometres and then we have to come back 14 kilometres again to get in the city to get the orders again."

CTV News reached out to Skip The Dishes but did not receive a response. Top Stories

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