This weekend, a group that helps victims of human trafficking, a growing crime, will release a documentary.

The film was put together by the group Angels of Hope and features the stories of victims from Sudbury who have been sexually exploited and sold over and over again.

Viewers will also hear from people who work with victims of human trafficking.

Cristina Scarpellini is the Executive Director of Angels of Hope.

“Sudbury is now considered a hub for human trafficking, and Ontario alone makes up 69% of police reported cases in Canada, so I felt this needed to be put on the forefront to show people this is happening in their own back yard and their community.” said Scarpellini.

Jack Nicholls, producer and director of the documentary, admits that he does not have a lot of experience, but he still wanted to take on the project.

“The content, I thought, was very provocative, something that really needed to be put out there to give some information about what is happening in Sudbury. So, I decided to jump on board with it.” said Nicholls.

The documentary will be released Saturday night at the Angels of Hope gala dinner at the Verdicchio restaurant and is a major fundraiser for the group.

“It has a grittiness to it and, I think, that fits the subject matter.” said Nicholls.

“The gorilla pimp is more aggressive on how he lures his victims. A Romeo pimp is more like the boyfriend you know, that the girl falls in love with and then all of a sudden she realizes that ‘oh my god this is not my boyfriend, this is my pimp.’ So, the things that these girls have to endure is unbelievable." said Scarpellini.

In the documentary, Greater Sudbury Police confirm next to illegally selling drugs, human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise.

Investigators say profits are high and the risk is low.