On Monday CTV News learned that a Sunday night fire in Sault Ste. Marie turned fatal.

A nightclub downtown that had apartments in the building burned and displaced over a dozen people who were placed in the care of the Red Cross.

On Tuesday, firefighters had to get back to work on the blaze, as it was still burning

Nearly 36 hours after the fire started at the west end nightclub, fire fighters were still dousing it with water.

The fire chief says increased wind speeds Monday afternoon helped reignite the flames.

Peter Johnson is the Chief of Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services.

"There are some voids; there is some collapsing inside, so some of the voids were still burning at that time. And I think the roof structure, which probably contained some tar from the roofing material, was another piece of that puzzle to ignite the flame again." said Johnson.

While, the chief couldn't give an exact estimate to the amount of water crews have poured into the blaze, he says the copious gallons still have been unable to reach certain parts of the structure.

"In my time, I have 24 years, I don't vaguely remember anything quite that took this long to extinguish. It is a stubborn fire. Again, it's just the compartmentation and the fuel load that did complicate this fire." said Johnson.

Our attempts to reach the owner of the building have been unsuccessful.

The Ontario Fire Marshal is looking into the fire; however Chief Johnson says the building is not safe to enter, so it could take some time for the Fire Marshal to complete his investigation.