SAULT STE. MARIE -- Memorial Gardens won't be the venue for this year's Remembrance Day ceremony in the Sault.

Organizers say they're scaling back the event to meet social gathering limits and physical distancing guidelines but are still hammering out the details for the November event.

"Based on the directions being passed down to us from Dominion Command and public health, it became clear to us that having an event in the Gardens, as we normally would have, was just not going to be possible this year," said Pierre Breckenridge, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 25.

Breckenridge says his committee is also looking at limiting attendees from participating groups, to representatives only.

"In some groups, that may be, it's only one member representing the group," he said.

"We're also looking at holding this year's event at the Cenotaph, instead of the Gardens."

Breckenridge says the legion is looking at adding a virtual element to the event this year, but everything can change depending on how a potential second wave develops.