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Sault launches winter preparedness campaign


With colder weather making its way into the region, the City of Sault Ste. Marie is launching its winter preparedness campaign.

The city is making resources available to help citizens be ready for emergency situations during the winter months.

Emergency management coordinator Lauren Perry said people should keep an emergency food supply, which should be rotated to prevent spoilage.

“Maybe we had some canned food or granola bars in our emergency kit, that’s something we can now take out of our emergency kit, put into the pantry to be used so it doesn’t get expired,” Perry said.

She said some residents have expressed concern about the expense of putting together an emergency kit.

“They can seem daunting, they can seem like you need to get a lot of stuff,” said Perry.

“But, it doesn’t have to be. A lot of the items that we might need for our emergency kit are already at home.”

And when putting together a kit, she said to remember your pets.

“Do have a cat carrier or kennel or a cage for your dog, do you have a supply of food or water or medication if they’re on them, (or) a comfort item (because) any emergency is going to be stressful equally for our pets, as well,” Perry said.

Perry also said it’s a good idea to put away some cash in the event you can’t use a credit or debit card in an emergency situation. Top Stories

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