SAULT STE. MARIE -- Be on the lookout for a special delivery from Canada Post. In the coming weeks, it will be mailing out 13.5 million postcards, one for every mailing address in Canada.

The aim is to get people writing to each other again during a time of isolation for many.

The postcards feature a sentimental message, such as “I miss you,” and offer plenty of room to add your own personal message.

“We really hope people are going to take part and bring somebody joy and bring a smile to someone’s face during these times,” said Valerie Chartrand of Canada Post.

Chartrand said the hope is the campaign will help alleviate some of the isolation many of us are feeling as the pandemic continues.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, the simple act of sending a handwritten note to a loved one can really lift one’s spirits.

“Particularly now when so many people are feeling isolated, they’re not able to see their friends and family the way they normally would,” said Lisa Carricato, a mental-health educator with the Sault Ste Marie chapter. “So having a connection with someone sending them a message saying ‘take care,’ ‘I hope you’re doing well,’ that’s really important.”

Canada Post said the postcards should start arriving in mailboxes on March 1.