It’s a touching story about a Sudbury artist and a “Mona-Lisa” look-alike model.

They met at a mental health support organization, became friends and are now working together on a series of unique portraits.

Artist Ray Laporte works on his latest creation in a series he's calling, “Mona Nisa” with Sylvie Gravelle being his model and his inspiration.

“She’s the woman whose mouth looks exactly like the Mona Lisa's mouth, and I whom I came to discover the geometry of her face. It’s precisely the same geometry that Mona Lisa had.” says Laporte.

“It makes you feel beautiful I guess to have such an incredible artist see potential in you and be inspired by you. “Says Gravelle.

The two met through the Northern Initiative for Social Action, also known as “NISA.” It's an organization run by and for people living with mental illness.

“They used to call it manic depressive illness, when you get really, really high and manic and then you crash and you get really, really low or depressed. I was often very unstable.” says Laporte.

Both say NISA is a supportive environment that has helped them flourish.

“To help those who suffer from mental health challenges kind of re-discover themselves, re-discover their life, and recover at their own pace.” says Gravelle.

“NISA helped me because they believe in being, belonging and becoming.” says Laporte.

Ray Laporte is holding an art show from March 26th to 29th at the North Forte on Durham Street in Sudbury.  That's where he plans to unveil his series of portraits of “Mona Nisa.”