SAULT STE. MARIE -- It was nothing more than a joke to the owner of Coch's Corner.

A joke that caught on like wildfire.

"I was actually tagged in Facebook post by one of my friends of a sign war going on in the United States," said Paul Coccimiglio. "A few other businesses in the area got to joking around about it and I just changed my sign and things took off I guess."

"Coch's Corner Default Sign War Champion," is what Coccimiglio's first sign read.

Soon after, it was Stonehouse wine's turn to come back.

"Stop wining Coch," it read. "Game On!"

Now, over fifty other businesses in the Sault have taken to Coccimiglio's sign war, each trying to raise the bar.

"Oh they (customers) think it's hilarious," said Lori Fata, co-owner of Superior Bakery. "We've already been told that Shaw Milling has actually redid their sign, so now we have to try and think of something creative."

Superior Bakery has been feuding with Shaw Milling specifically, which is one of it's longest standing suppliers.

Their sign currently offers to give Shaw Milling "Its Long Johns," a play on from one of the best selling items in the store.

"I think this is a great way to bring a smile to someone's face," Fata said. "It's bringing some much needed positivity to the community."

Shaw Milling has changed its sign three times over the last week, just to keep it going.

One of its owners described the sign war has been almost therapeutic.

"The idea of lifting everybody's spirits was really enticing to us" said Susan Shaw. "I also feel just over the last couple days, it has really brought us together as a community and I couldn't be more proud."

All three businesses say they will continue putting up knew signs to one-up each other.

None have any plans to concede the battle anytime soon.