A Sudbury based tech company is moving forward with plans to create a business time management app.

It's called TimeHero.

A new web-based app made to make use of your time more efficiently by improving scheduling and project management; catered to your own needs and your behaviour.

"People think they are busy because of how their calendar is full," said Bernie Aho, TimeHero CEO.

"That's not how busy you are. It means you are even more busy, because there is a ton of work you have to do, proposals, following back emails, when is that going to happen? It's just being aware of that, along with your events and if events change our algorithm takes care of it. It reshuffles your day and updates your risk"

Time Hero received slightly more than $417,000 in provincial funding; which will go towards development and marketing.

"Innovation and IT is critical to the province of Ontario," said Charles Sousa, Ontario finance minister.

"Sudbury has taken on a real leadership role with TimeHero's initiatives."

"This is just showing that we can see this sector grow and it will grow as companies like this continue to set up shop here in Sudbury," added Glenn Thibeault, Sudbury MPP.

With 12 full-time employees, TimeHero already has the attention of big investors; including one from Silicon Valley.

"We are on to solving a global problem, not just a local problem," said Aho.

"This is a global issue and we can still do that from Sudbury that's the most exciting part."

Aho said the TimeHero app is free for individuals, but there is a fee for team users. Next month, a 2.0 version is being launched and he expects it to take off