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Nipissing prof says Liberal, NDP policies have been moving closer for some time


A northern Ontario political science professor digs deeper into the deal between the federal Liberals and New Democrats. The new framework is called 'Delivering for Canadians Now, A Supply and Confidence Agreement.'

David Tabachnick, political science professor at Nipissing University in North Bay, said the Liberals have been moving closer to NDP positions for some time.

"They have agreements around the same issues like dental care and pharmacare because the Liberals have been moving left into the NDP’s platform," said Tabachnick.

"The actual content of the deal is not a surprise but the timing certainly is."

The move would allow the Liberals to prioritize certain issues; in exchange, the NDP will support them in any non-confidence vote.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is not calling the agreement with the Liberals a coalition, and Tabachnick agrees.

"A coalition in Canada in the Parliamentary democracy usually involves a number of parties, if not two parties and being in a cabinet together," he said.

"There’s no NDP cabinet ministers in Justin Trudeau’s cabinet so it’s not a coalition government."

As for motivation, the political science professor said it's likely the NDP doesn't want another election just yet.

"Elections are expensive and parties have to do a lot of fundraising so maybe the coffers are there just yet," he said.

There is a potential federal election sometime in 2025. Tabachnick said that is when we will see if the NDP will pay the price for its deal with the Liberals. Top Stories

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