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Multicultural Festival in Timmins welcomes new countries to the event

The 51st annual Timmins Multicultural Festival gave people a chance to learn more about others living in the community.

Around 30 countries were represented at this year's event. While the Parade of Nations typically features new countries nearly every year, there are others such as: Italy, Ukraine and Austria which have been part of the four-hour cultural extravaganza for decades.

After each country has its turn entering the arena floor in the McIntyre Community Centre, people flock to the vendor tables to buy their favourite eats or to sample something new. While they dine, they are entertained by various dancers, singers and other groups such as: the Timmins Police Pipes and Drums, Bollywood and Filipino dance groups.

Cuba is joining the event for the first time this year, along with several others.

“We also have Nepal, we have Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, and a number of African countries represented at the far end--they have a huge booth so we’re excited," said Marnie Lapierre, president of the Timmins Multicultural Society.

The event's popularity has earned it a spot on Ontario's Top 100 Festivals list.

For more information on the festival, visit their Facebook page Top Stories


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