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'More relaxed lifestyle': This small northern town invites you to relocate

We continue our Northern Works feature this spring by focusing on five communities in our part of northeastern Ontario and how they live, work and play.

The Township of White River has a lot to offer and not just its connection to a famous storybook character.

Its proximity to the bush -- wedged firmly between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay -- has been a selling point for many looking for a more tranquil pace of life.

When it comes to those who know White River best, one of the top contenders just might be its new mayor.

Born and raised in the community, Mayor Tara Anderson Hart runs a retail store called Northern Emporium.

"Well, aside from me, obviously, thinking White River is an awesome place to be, it has a lot to offer, especially to new, young people, new immigrants to the country, people looking to relocate," Anderson Hart said.

"A little bit more relaxed lifestyle, slower pace of life."

Located on the Trans-Canada Highway, there's even a train to Sudbury if you're looking for a more direct or scenic route.

The community has served as a beacon for those who enjoy the outdoors with fishing, hunting and trapping, but the big selling point right now is the available jobs.

"There's been approximately 90 to 100 jobs continuously posted in White River and in all areas, whether it's an administration type position, labour, engineering, just a huge variety of jobs," Anderson Hart said.

"There's a lot of jobs available for teenagers, so if you're coming and bringing your family, your spouse and yourself are very likely to get jobs and your kids decent summer jobs."

White River Mayor Tara Anderson Hart (Cory Nordstrom/CTV Northern Ontario)

Mel Jones, the general manager for White River Forest Products, said the forestry company is the biggest employer in town.

"We're currently producing 110 million board feet and we have plans to move that and increase that to 140 million a year," Jones said.

And for those hoping to fish, the community has many bodies of water to explore.

"Growing the business has been getting better, we have a lot of repeat customers that will come three, four times a year. We do have some guys that will come eight times a year, fortunately, they don't live too far away. We always hear good feedback," said Jeremy Archibald of Fishing Moose Lodge on Hammer Lake.

Jeremy Archibald of Fishing Moose Lodge on Hammer Lake near White River. (Cory Nordstrom/CTV Northern Ontario)

Then there's a love of Winnie the Pooh and while it may not be necessary, it's encouraged.

The community's claim to fame is being the home of the real-life bear the character is based on.

"So I think there's kind of something for everybody. It depends what your goals are, very goal-oriented when you come to a small town like White River," Anderson Hart said. Top Stories


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