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Algoma Steel worker injured when water hit molten slag


A worker was treated on-site at Algoma Steel on Monday when a fire broke out in a piece of equipment.

Algoma spokesperson Laura Devoni said in an email that the incident took place around 1:45 p.m.

“An incident occurred at Algoma’s on-site slag reprocessing area where molten slag, a steel-making by-product, came into contact with residual water from today’s heavy rainfall,” Devoni said.

“The resulting reaction caused a fire in a piece of mobile equipment. One worker was treated on-site for injuries.”

The Ministry has been notified, Devoni said, adding that “an internal investigation into the incident is underway.”

A similar accident took place in February, when five workers were hurt when moisture made contact with molten slag.

All five were treated and released from hospital. Piping at Algoma’s coke-making plant collapsed in January. And on April 21, residents reported hearing a loud boom from the plant. The company again said it was caused by moisture coming into contact with molten slag. Top Stories

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