GREATER SUDBURY -- As the environment proves to be an issue that is top of mind for many voters this election, Justin Trudeau is promising a host of new environmental initiatives should his government be re-elected.

The federal Liberal Party leader wasted no time taking to the waters of Sudbury's Lake Laurentian, joined by a handful of young people, as his announcement is targeted towards them.

"A re-elected Liberal government with expand the Learn To Camp program, so that by the time they reach grade 8, all Canadian kids will have had the opportunity to experience camping and learn important outdoor skills. We’ll also create a National Experience Canada Program, so that each year 75,000 kids who qualify will enjoy up to a 4-day adventure with their families in one of Canada's national or provincial parks," said Trudeau.

Trudeau is also saying his government will protect 25% of Canada's land and oceans by 2025.

A visit to Sudbury did not come as a huge surprise. The party would like to hold the Sudbury and Nickel Belt ridings, which have both been strongholds for the Liberal party.

Trudeau spent time fielding many media questions related to his character and trustworthiness, as he continues to defend his record amidst multiple scandals this year.

After Sudbury, Trudeau is heading to Parry Sound and Barrie before holding a rally in Peterborough Thursday night.