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International students struggle to find housing in North Bay


As the school year begins, there are growing concerns about the lack of housing for college and university students studying in North Bay.

First-year Canadore College international student Kavita Singh, who came to Canada in June from India, said she has faced several problems when trying to find housing.

"From then, I haven't been able to find anything," Singh said.

Laurie Sharpe, a residential leasing administrator with Sireg Management Inc., has been helping a handful of students find housing.

Sharpe said it hasn’t been easy, especially for students from other countries.

“One story that stood out was one gentleman who came from Africa and his first night in Canada, he slept at the bus station because he didn't have any place to go," she said.

Sharpe said the college isn’t doing enough to help students find a place to live.

“Canadore is taking tuition and giving students placement here at the school, but they don't have enough housing for them and I think that's wrong," she said.

But Canadore officials said in a statement that since January, it has been trying to secure student housing.

Numbers released by the school say nearly 60 students are on the campus residence waitlist. In the meantime, the college has made arrangements for them.

"Canadore is assisting 199 students to secure off-campus accommodations through the housing and home share program," the school said.

Any student in need of housing and not on the waitlist should send an email to the College ( General housing information can be found here. (

“Our dedicated housing coordinator and a team of college employees are monitoring this inbox and all inquiries are being addressed,” the statement said.

“Staff will continue to work over the weekend to collaborate with students directly on solutions."

Canadore said it has created 120 new student housing beds with 90 more coming online between now and fall 2024. There is additional capacity in the community, as well as emergency housing.

Singh is currently staying in residence but said it is too expensive and she's re-evaluating her options.

"The cost is so high, so I'm looking to change my college next year probably," she said, shrugging her shoulders.

The school said some students wish to study remotely and had hoped for a last-minute change to program delivery plans.

Canadore said it made it clear that academic delivery plans would not be changed, and that published delivery modes would be realized with students being required to study in North Bay. Top Stories

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