Over the long weekend, dogs and their owners came together in Trout Creek, south of North Bay, for an event that's been happening for 50 years.

Handlers of more than 75 breeds and 400 dogs a day gathered in a familiar atmosphere, the Nipissing Kennel Club Dog Show.

"It's like a big family really. Everybody knows everybody and they meet up on weekends and they plan their holidays around dog shows." said Anne McDougall, Nipissing Kennel Club’s secretary.


Those involved say a lot of time and preparation goes into getting dogs show ready, from grooming to training, and more.

"A lot of hours and constant work every day, but I love it." said dog handler Thomas Curley of Carleton Place.

He has been working with several dogs during his distinguished 59 year hobby. His newest companion is 16-month-old Yu-Yu.

"He loves to be a show dog. We'll be off to Westminster in February, and we go to dog shows almost every weekend." said Curley.

The Nipissing Kennel Club Dog Show happens to be one of the largest in northern Ontario, attracting handlers and owners from all across the country and several American states, like Wisconsin, Florida and Tennessee.

Officials say each dog has its own breed standard and category to be judged in. There is also a special category for puppies and veteran pooches.

Guy Jeavons, originally from South Africa, is working with a new dog named Diesel.

"We're still trying to bond, when he comes to me. He loves his mother the most, but my other dogs have won me 10 trophies at home." said Jeavons, of Milton.

The dog handler has been taking part in shows for almost 60 years. He says he's spent his entire life surrounded by show dogs.

"It's in the blood. It's all you can do and you can't stop. My grandmother used to show dogs and I love the challenge of breeding a good dog to the written breed standard." said Jeavons.

The handlers say while this show is based around friendly competition, winning is still on everyone's mind and is the perfect opportunity to show exactly what their four-legged pal is made of.