SAULT STE. MARIE -- There's been plenty more garage and yard sale activity in the Sault of late, especially as COVID-19 restrictions ease up in the province.

But some hosts say the added precautions have made selling their old items, all the more challenging.

"It's very difficult, we don't have anybody here with us today volunteering like usual because of the social distancing," said Lorie VanScoy.

VanScoy hosts an annual fundraising yard sale with her group, "Making a Difference."

As she explains, it's a social program aimed at helping adults with special needs, with proceeds from the sale going directly to it.

"We usually host it at the moose lodge, which is triple the size of this," she said.

"We even have a car wash, barbecue that we get some of the people this money is going towards to help out with, but now, we can't."

The group also considered the possibility of cancelling the sale, as it thought interest would be lower during the pandemic.

"We're pleasantly surprised to see how many people have come today," said Brenda Mclaughlin, organizer.

"I'd say 95 percent have abided to the rules, wearing masks and you can't even get in without using the hand sanitizer at the front first!"

It's an especially positive sign for the group, which has already had to cancel many of its activities this year.

"We're so happy to continue this fundraiser today," Mclaughlin said.

"We treasure anybody with special needs, we each have individuals in our home and everything is just being taken away, and everything needs to be given back to them."

The group says it hopes to get more of its fundraising initiatives back on track, as restrictions continue to ease up.