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Flood fears prompt Iroquois Falls to declare state of emergency


Concerns about rising water levels in Nellie Lake have prompted officials in Iroquois Falls to declare a state of emergency.

“I am declaring a state of emergency in and around the Nellie Lake area, within the corporate boundaries of the Town of Iroquois Falls,” Mayor Tory Delaurier said in an open letter Friday.

Delaurier said that homes, cottages and other property at Nellie Lake have been affected by the abnormally high-water levels that have persisted since early this month.

“Many long-time residents of Nellie Lake have stated that they have no personal recollection of the lake water being this high,” Delaurier said.

“While we all hoped and prayed that water levels would have dropped to more manageable levels by now, after nearly three weeks, they have not. In fact, the level has continued to rise.”

Major concerns include containing sewage due to flooded septic systems on Nellie Lake, the threat to potable water due to contamination and concerns for the safety and well-being of volunteers assisting with the flooding.

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Delaurier also said there are concerns about the ability of the municipality to deliver services to Nellie Lake residents should the flooding persist ad the threats to tourism businesses in the Nellie Lake area.

“As we are evaluating various options, we ask that residents and boaters refrain from using their motorized watercraft on Nellie Lake until further notice,” Delaurier said. Top Stories

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