They may be a thing of the past for the music streaming generation, but on Sunday in Sudbury, there was a strong vinyl vibe at a music collectibles show where vendors and those looking to buy were sharing their love of LP's.

Records spinning on a turntable at the collector's show in Sudbury helped to set a nostalgic mood.

Jay Leblanc has been buying LP's for 30 years and found some vinyl treasures he's been looking for.

“I find the whole vinyl experience the sound is better. If you have a nice vinyl with not too many scratches, it comes off through the speakers just as clean as a CD and the overall experience of having an album in your hand and the big cover with artwork.” said Leblanc.

Anthony Scarfone is a serious collector from North Bay that looks for records that are a first release.

“Original pressings are when the albums originally came out. So, if an album came out in ’73, I look at where the album label was first originated from and I seek out the original press by looking at the matrix numbers that are in the dead wax and I use discogs as a reference.” said Scarfone.

The show first made a stop in North Bay on Saturday and then stopped in Sudbury on Sunday.

Ivan Amirault and Tony Anselmo co-organized the Sudbury event.

“A lot of collectors and a lot of people filling holes in their record collections, people that have sold off records years ago, when we told that CD's were better than records back in the '90's. The industry sold it to us that way, so a lot of people now are getting back into vinyl records. So, they want to buy up stuff they sold away.” said Amirault.

“It's a little bit of everything. It's the nostalgia, it's the sound, that artwork being on a 12x12, better than a 4x4, and it becomes wall art in some cases.” said Anselmo.

Todd Gledhill organizes the North Bay show and owns a record store there called Waxman Records.

He doubled as a vendor at the Sudbury event.

“I think that people are just generally excited to be here. They love finding new records for their collection. It's nostalgic for them as well. They find stuff that reminds them of their childhood.” said Gledhill.

If you are looking for a musical collectible, this is a semiannual show that is held every spring and fall in both Sudbury and North Bay.