SAULT STE. MARIE -- Sault Ste. Marie's third annual NERDCON event is officially a go this year.

NERDCON is a comic book and pop culture event that since it was founded in 2018, has garnered more than 1,000 people and organizers said it is still growing.

"I've had like 10 people in here already asking for tickets today and I just ordered them yesterday," said Beth Davison. "So people are really upset that they thought we might not be having it."

Davison started the event with her husband, Michael Turcotte, and together, they have been planning it ever since.

It's challenging enough to start an event, but planning it with COVID-19 measures is definitely a new one for her.

"It's OK, though, because when we did our first NERDCON, we didn't know how it was going to go, so it was a chance then and it's a chance this time, too," she said.

The couple said they were forced to weighing up their options on cancelling it this year all together.

"If I lose a little money, it's OK, I mean, for the greater good," said Michael Turcotte, NERDCON organizer. "It's not like I'm doing this most amazing, life-changing thing, but for the greater good of making a few people happy, it's worth it."

The event is slated for Oct. 17 at the bushplane museum, but the couple says it's dependant on whether a second wave of COVID-19 emerges.

Tickets go on sale next week.