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Creative crafters at the one northern Ont. LTC share their talents with a market


The residents at the Golden Manor Home for the Aged are creating with purpose. Since May, they've been knitting, crocheting and making crafts to sell at their first market.

Golden Manor staff said it is important to encourage collaboration among all those involved with the manor and this venture is a great example.

“Just to provide purposeful and meaningful activities for the residents; something for them to look forward to," said Tiffany Lavigne, who is part of the resident services team at the manor that helps plan activities.

Lavigne said all the funds from the sale will go back into the ‘resident enhancement fund.’

“The residents who participated in the market will have a say in what we purchase for the home or activities," she said.

Resident Suzanne Corbeil said she enjoys taking part in the twice-weekly stitching and crafting groups.

"I love to do things with other people so it’s nice, I like it a lot," said Corbeil.

"She’s really supportive of all the residents and helping other residents make the products as well," said Lavigne.

Louisiane Leclerc said working with yarn is one of her favourite hobbies, especially during visits with her husband, a resident at the Manor.

“I enjoy the work they do here and I wanted to help out," she said.

Leclerc also offers up some words of wisdom to anyone thinking of taking up the craft.

“Don’t get discouraged because every failure is a lesson so eventually it’ll all come together and you’ll be doing well as all the residents who come to our stitch group also do," said Leclerc.

Organizers said this weekend’s event said Manor Markets will continue and they invite the public to come shop when they can. Top Stories

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