Allegations of sex discrimination have been made against North Bay's Canadore College by a former employee.

CTV News obtained a copy of a letter sent to Canadore’s Board of Governors by a Toronto law firm, representing the complainant, that says it spoke to over a dozen people who claim to have experienced similar types of discrimination while employed at the college that limited or ended careers at the institution.

Additionally, the law firm claims to have been given more than two dozen names of other individuals who may have also experienced similar abuse or discrimination.

A majority of the allegations involve a senior official at the college.

The law firm says in its letter dated February 19, 2019:

“Examples of the stories reported to us – dating back nearly a decade – include:

•           Sexual misconduct including engaging in sexual acts on campus

•           Sexual harassment including lewd remarks, comments and gestures

•           Bullying and psychological harassment

•           Discrimination

•           Retaliation, retributions and reprisals

•           Systematic character denigration

•           Coordinated and deliberate sabotage of others’ careers

It is reported that this conduct has created a hostile and poisoned environment, involving a ‘boys’ club’ atmosphere.”

In a statement released to CTV News, Canadore College says:

“The college is committed to due process; however, in absence of any details regarding the anonymous complaints, due process is impossible. As soon as we receive the requested information we will act upon it as appropriate."

No allegations have been proven in court.