SUDBURY -- Scott Sawyer is getting ready to release the fourth issue of the comic book he created called 'North'.

The Sudbury native says he has always had a love for comic books. Sawyer now lives in Toronto, however, a store he often visited as a kid, Comics North, carries his creation on their shelves.

"This is one of my very favourite places, and when I come home to Sudbury I love coming to Comics North and Hidden Level Games because this is where I would come at least one day a week here with my mom and she would patiently wait for me to select my books. This was my escape and love as a kid," said Sayer.

"Comic book creating for me is that return to childhood, but with the benefit of the adult perspective on the world, I suppose. I enjoy the hero mythology and always have," he continued.

The fourth issue of North is expected to be released in early 2020.