As the hit TV show, ‘ Cardinal ‘,  wraps up production in North Bay,  its crew is getting rid of the wardrobe used by cast members of the popular CTV program. If you're looking for a bargain on gently used clothes or just happen to be a big fan of the show,  there appears to be something for everyone

Different types of winter apparel, business attire and casual clothes along with shoes and accessories were on sale. The clothes were worn by cast members while filming the latest series installment.

Many shoppers are fans of the show and wanted a ‘Cardinal ‘ souvenir.

"I was on Cardinal for background…it was extremely good and very exciting actually and i thoroughly enjoyed it.”

"Worn on tv and now i get to wear it too i guess… i just like that it's filmed here. To me that's actually the cooler part that it's here and that i know people who worked on it."

"I can recognize local sites and landmarks and i actually got to watch some of the filming as it was being made for season 4…. a few things from the racks I've recognized from filming."

"My wife watches every episode. She likes it because it's shot in North Bay and Sudbury. It's something about the city and for the city."

Details on the newest season of ‘Cardinal ‘ will be out later this year