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Cannabis Act review comes as North Bay pot stores exceed Tim Hortons outlets

The federal government has announced a review of the Cannabis Act after hearing from people in the industry that changes are needed.

For example, there are more cannabis shops in North Bay than there are Tim Hortons. With a pot shop at nearly every large intersection in the city, retailers are starting to notice.

"There is a certain point where we are a community but that community can absolutely get oversaturated," said Alec Quade of True North Cannabis Co.

"I find that every store has had every complaint that we're not busy enough. There's so many our regulars are going to different spots and then they are not coming back to good old reliables."

Trevor Drouin of Happy Life Cannabis said he expects some outlets will struggle.

"I'm not going to say there's too many, because I'm sure there's room for everyone because I've seen Tim Hortons survive with as many locations as they had," Drouin said.

"I am a bit worried for the bigger franchises with the big overhead. Because of the overhead, it's just like a Starbucks competing with a Tim Hortons."

With a review of the legislation coming, retailers who spoke to CTV News said they would like to see changes to pricing rules.

"That's definitely an issue we would like to see that lowered for sure it would definitely help us with our bottom line," said Drouin.

"There is a tax difference when it comes to different stores and different provinces and I'd just like to be on a level playing field. More savings to our customer is how we look at it."

Another challenge retailers are facing is competition from the illegal market. However, North Bay retailers said that is changing.

"Because is the issues with fentanyl and everything people are getting more scared of, getting more scared of it and coming to the safer dispensaries," said Quade.

"That is exactly what we are we are ….safer than the black market for sure."

A level playing field would make a big difference, said Drouin.

"In the industry, we have to raise some numbers so we can get the (illegal) market level with the legal market," he said.

"The minimums on THC and stuff like that I would like to see changed." Top Stories

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